Block Paving.


Block paving is the perfect way to enhance the look of your home, driveway or pation. This guide is designed to help you make the right decision when buying your block paving.

There two main types of paving; molded concrete block and clay brick. Often the concrete forms are known as 'blocks' while clay paving is referred to as 'bricks'. Different manufacturers use different terms, so check carefully.

Block paving is not only beautiful, but is is incredibly practical and durable.

We use materials that are specified by top architects and new-build developers and are also capable of offering a solution to your existing brickwork so that it blends in harmoniously.

Domestic block paving is great for parking areas, driveways and rear garden patios.

It can also be installed to create winding pathways and steps, along with edging (detailing) around both front and rear gardens.

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You can have paving in different styles with circles, octagons, and feature paving - giving you an individual touch to an otherwise bland area.

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